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My hope is that other couples today might find them helpful.

I unpack these counter-cultural acts, as well as the counter-cultural story that motivated them, in my book .

In my singleness, I’ve had to learn and relearn that I will not be put to shame for trusting God with my life (Ps. I’ve needed reminders that I’m not trying to have “my best life now” or to singlehandedly realize my hopes. Sanctification comes from God, regardless of our life stage. Did you feel defined by the one thing that made you feel different?

No, I need to live and serve with my eyes on the happiness that awaits in heaven. Think of a time you felt like the only one who didn’t fit in. SEE ALSO: Make Your Single Years Significant Welcome to the life of Christian singles in the South.

We talked about it, but that’s not what helped most. It was celebrating birthdays and holidays, going to dinner with them, spending time with her children, and just being loved by them. I encourage you to make your single friends part of your life and your family. Your single friend isn’t just your babysitter.)SEE ALSO: 5 Ways You Can Love and Encourage Your Single Friends Marriage is hard, and you grow a lot through it. But singleness is also hard, and you grow a lot through it.

Don’t assume we’re too busy to have dinner with you on a Friday or Saturday night. Marriage paints a picture of Christ’s love for the church; singleness paints a picture of Christ’s sufficiency and the joy of a life that accepts the Father’s will, as Jesus did when he prayed, “Not my will, but yours be done” (Luke ).

Think of it in these terms: desire, expectation, and hope. This means not treating them like their singleness is a problem to be fixed, or using them because it’s convenient.

Both secular culture and Christian culture send mixed messages.

Although common, such expressions imply that love is simply a feeling.

That is, love is assumed to be an emotion that we can accidently (without any conscious decision) “fall into” or experience from across a room.

When I met Karin (the girl that would later become my wife) at Duke University, we both wanted to progress through a romantic relationship in a healthy—and even holy—way.

Although we made mistakes, we took some intentional, concrete steps that assisted us tremendously.

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