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At dinner one evening in Paris, at the height of her fame, I accused Brigitte Bardot of living her life between bed and bedlam. 'Please God, let it last for ever and ever,' she said.

As a child, she'd had ballet classes, a governess and private tuition.'My mother wanted me to be friends only with children she considered socially suitable,' she once told me, with regret as well as disapproval in her voice. She wore wire-rimmed spectacles, favoured Victorian hair ribbons and wore a brace on her protruding, untidy teeth for so long that it permanently exaggerated her mouth, moulding the look that later inspired Time magazine to call her 'the princess of pout, the countess of come-hither'. Six years older than Bardot, journalist and aspiring screenwriter Vadim was regarded with deep suspicion by Bardot's strict, Roman Catholic family when he started dating her.

He planned to make his new wife a star, despite the fact that friends had warned him that she was not filmstar material.

Long before it was fashionable to do so, Bardot had assumed a working class accent and adopted its argot.

Some accused her of having the manners of an 'insolent skivvy'. 'Her walk is almost aristocratic and almost wanton.

She is sex on legs,' he told producers, as he hawked her around Paris and Riviera studios.

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