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And only a handful of episodes later, they invite the rest of the cast to a party at their house, before letting slip that it’s actually their secret, spontaneous, foolhardy wedding ceremony.

The result is the single most romantic episode of a show that, while it wasn’t ever driven by dating and love lives the way that, say, “How I Met Your Mother” was, could be swooningly sweet in its finest moments: despite Leslie’s fears, and the sheer impulsiveness of the decision (“I cannot emphasize how little we’ve thought about this,” Andy says in his speech), it’s clear that the pair are perfect for each other, and their marriage has smartly remained one of the strongest on television ever since.

It began with an uneven, rushed, truncated first season that saw the writers visibly struggling with how to make Leslie Knope work, and finding it tricky to stand apart from “The Office.” Ironically, “The Office” had virtually the same issues, and as in the case of that show, season two saw things massively improve almost from the start, with opener “Pawnee Zoo” becoming an almost markedly different show.

The seeds of greatness were laid throughout, and “Ron & Tammy” might be the first perfect episode of the series (though we’ve left it out in favor of its sequel, which you can find below), but “Hunting Trip,” a few installments later, is probably the first to really take advantage of one of the show’s greatest weapons: its killer ensemble.

The show’s the closest thing we’ve ever gotten to a live-action “Simpsons” (Golden Age writers like Mike Scully worked on ‘Parks’ too), with Pawnee growing ever stranger and bigger with each passing season, and more and more characters appearing to embellish the ranks over time, each one as memorably strange and hilarious as Comic Book Guy, Gil, Bumblebee Man et al.Enter Tammy 2, played by Offerman’s real-life main squeeze Megan Mullally (their genuine chemistry and comedic synergy is palpable) as Ron’s psychotic horndog librarian ex-wife, whom we’d already encountered in Season 2 but who gets her greatest moment here.Mullally, best known as the best thing in “Will & Grace,” doesn’t actually have that much screen time (though her intro, as she seductively slaps a strip of beef jerky against her face, is one for the ages), but the effect of her is everywhere, as Ron is sucked into her orbit (and other parts) again.Swanson’s appeal, so perfectly encapsulated by Offerman, is largely down to how you just know that he’s the guy whose politics and worldview least resemble those of the writers of the show (Emily Kapnek on this episode), yet he’s also the one whom they love the most.And when you create such a pillar of strength, manliness and libertarian ideals, the essential Randian/Nietzschean Superman of Pawnee, the most illuminating thing you can do with him is introduce him to his Kryptonite.

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