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The model number is printed on the back of the screen: B140EW01.

This guide also explains the replacement of the notebook keyboard.

The RAM bay is located on the underside of the machine and requires only the removal of two screws for access.

This guide explains how you can remove and replace keyboard, memory and hard drive for the laptop.

For the CPU, in this case, the only choice you have is upgrading to Turion64 series, e.g. This is a known problem with HP Pavilion DV2000/DV6000/DV9000 and COMPAQ Presario V3000/V6000 motherboards, the graphics chip (aka GPU or video chip) is soldered to the motherboard, sometimes there are bad solder joints between the graphics chip and motherboard, over time the graphics chip separates from the motherboard causing all kind of different video problems.

A possible solution: baking the failed motherboard in a conventional oven preheated to 385 degrees Fahrenheit for exactly 8 minutes, This process should reflow the graphics chip solder joints and give the motherboard a second life.

Just keep the battery mounted since it may serve as a nice built-in UPS.

The official HP/COMPAQ Services Media Library uses rich media to provide just-in-time service information.

This is usually a sign, that something is loose inside.Proceed at your own risk only if you have nothing to lose.Otherwise, don't follow this guide and take your laptop to the professional repair shop.Remove six screws to open up the plastic enclosure exposing the metal box containing the electronics. Here is an approach for a cheap repair of the defective display cable.Another a row of screws is holding everything together, so once these were removed the printed circuit board came out easily. Voltages on the power supply interface and battery pinout. If you've got a slightly older noteboo, you might be feeling that the performance is somewhat lack-luster compared to more modern laptops.

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